The Four Royal Advisors

a handwritten diagram of 78 card placements

The Four Royal Advisors, a tarot spread that uses every card in the deck and don't forget your 4RA pdf worksheet

created by copperbadge @ tumblr

Astrological calculation resources for sigil and talismanic magic

  1. Planetary Day
  2. Lunar day, and the sign of the moon. LUNAR DAY CALENDAR - this varies somewhat by latitude (distance north or south on the globe) make sure to enter your own location.
  3. The spirit governing the day and hour, and its particular uses
  4. Example: Friday, ruled by Venus, governs love. The fourth hour has Saturn as a ruler. Thus a sigil formed during this hour will prevent love between two persons.

    Example: Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, governs travel. Lunar Day 19 is for opening locks. Thus a sigil formed on that day will be a powerful road opener. (He also governs thieves if you have any other ideas.)

    Note: Extra Credit if the Moon (and extra extra credit if the Sun) is in a sign ruled by the same planet.

    Lunar Sign transits

    Lunar Sign auspices

    external link: Cut the Cords of Attachment