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valuable link hoard is all this site consists of right now! But I generally prefer sharing cool resources to holding them in a bookmarks folder, so this will expand and be sorted eventually, and include descriptions and maybe reviews, and other things will be added!

indie web art and publishing resources

zine and booklet templates in docx form

Tegake E paintchat reboot

free out of copyright art books hosted by the met museum

The Ilanot Project: repository of kabbalistic...infographics?

vintage rare and unique papercraft templates

Web resources

Transparent Textures

Templaterr's navigation tools and simple layouts


french yogurt cake

historically accurate recipes recreated from various ancient cultures

Just Hungry, a Japanese-European food blog with archives back to 2003

Smitten Kitchen, a NYC home cook with archives going back to 2006

cool and useful orgs and people

Cheetah House, a resource for people harmed by meditation and mindfulness practice


an indie horror game about unsettling body changes

Lena by qtnm

"As the earliest viable brain scan, MMAcevedo is one of a very small number of brain scans to have been recorded before widespread understanding of the hazards of uploading and emulation. ... As such, unlike the vast majority of emulated humans, the emulated Miguel Acevedo boots with an excited, pleasant demeanour."

Until Forgiveness Comes by K Tempest Bradford

When It Changed by Joanna Russ (pdf)

Electric Sheep Comix. I reread Spiders about once a year.


article: the anti-cop tactics of a car stunt subculture

a declassified pdf of cia employees trying to remote-view civilizations on ancient mars

"the city is not neutral" article by US army about the difficulty of urban warfare

"the percentages" 2011 personal history about having and not having money and solidarity

Judith Butler: Can one lead a good life in a bad life?

dump category!

tour classic video game environments

someone made Minecraft inside Minecraft

go buy The Mountain Goats' most recent album