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I should probably explain my whole thing here at some point. Until then... well, it's a work in progress.


09-12-22 pt. 2: CSS is so fucking awesome.

09-13-22: Mobile-friendly-er-ized the layout. Truly sorry if all my tiny changes are spamming anyone. Image credits up here.

09-12-22: I struggled into implementing a style by eggramen, and theres finally something worth clicking on here.

I heard this song once embedded on a website I don't remember at all otherwise, on the old web. Somehow it was really meaningful to me and I still remember it. I don't know why, but let me offer you a similar experience:

Badly Drawn Boyยท Once Around the Block

cool internet people

91.7 The River, unlicensed nonprofit oldies radio station

Check out The Papernet, a webring of zine makers

I think this will be text outside the text boxes, but let's see