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I should probably explain my whole thing here at some point. Until then... well, it's a work in progress.


3-9-23: I lost my job I got a new job I moved cities in a week aaahhh - now I have free time again. Still working on visual-narrative stories (both parts are hard, unfortunately they don't look good at all in partial form) and adding more links to my collection here. Kind comments in my guestbook were very motivating!!

10-19-22: i made a experimental webring! it kind of sucks, i found this instead: how to make a webring without javascript we're gonna try that instead! Also some stylistic changes. I completely broke the mobile-friendliness trying to do something unnecessary. Will be undoing that soon!! Don't worry, content will be forthcoming. Some visual-textual story projects are percolating.

10-09-22: big stylistic changes, some new content. "Stories" section nonfunctional yet, but there will be a bunch of multimedia(?) things to read with unique styles. That's where all my energy is going right now.

09-12-22 pt. 2: CSS is so fucking awesome.

09-13-22: Mobile-friendly-er-ized the layout. Truly sorry if all my tiny changes are spamming anyone. Image credits up here.

09-12-22: I struggled into implementing a style by eggramen, and theres finally something worth clicking on here.

I heard this song once embedded on a website I don't remember at all otherwise, on the old web. Somehow it was really meaningful to me and I still remember it. I don't know why, but let me offer you a similar experience:

It's Once Around the Block by Badly Drawn Boy off the Hour Of The Bewilderbeast album. I couldn't find it online anywhere, I couldn't find it at my library, so I had to go buy it from a secondhand cd website and rip it myself to share with all of you.

cool internet people

91.7 The River, unlicensed nonprofit oldies radio station

Check out The Papernet, a webring of zine makers

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